thinkorswim® system requirements

Before you click that “install” button, make sure your computer meets our minimum hardware and operating system requirements.

Average user PC (required)Average user Mac (required)Power user2 PC (recommended)Power user2 Mac (recommended)
Operating system1Windows 710.10+Windows 1010.10.5+
ProcessorIntel Core i3+Intel Core i3+Intel Core i7Intel Core i7
HD free space500 MB500 MB1 GB (Solid state drive)1 GB (Solid state drive)
Display resolutionminimum 1280 x 768minimum 1280 x 768Full HD monitor (1920 x 1080)Full HD monitor (1920 x 1080)
Video cardIntegrated graphicsIntegrated graphicsDedicated video card (non-workstation)Dedicated video card (non-workstation)
Network4 MBPS download speed4 MBPS download speed15 MBPS download speed (hardwired ethernet)15 MBPS download speed (hardwired ethernet)

1For clients who intend to run the software on Linux, Solaris or other Unix variants, manual update of the software is required, and we have no official support for configuring these operating systems. 

2We define power users as those who watch multiple charts at once, use our custom scripting language or perform complex technical analysis. 

Note: If you are using a non-Windows platform, some of the embedded content may not be available. 

Internet connections: You need a broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable, or faster) to run the thinkorswim platform. 

Access multiple locations: Your account information is stored securely on our servers. You can log in and access your account(s) from any computer that has installed our software. If you try to log in from multiple computers at the same time, you will not be able to access live quotes. Exchange regulations prohibit us from giving the same user access to live quotes from different computers simultaneously.