Eyeing Digital Future: TD Ameritrade’s Strategic Investment in Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

Eyeing Digital Future: TD Ameritrade's Strategic Investment in Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

Key Takeaways

    TD Ameritrade has made a strategic investment in cryptocurrency exchange ErisX

    Cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology align with our roots and leadership in fintech

    Email crypto@tdameritrade.com for updates on cryptocurrency trading availability

As digital assets move from the niche to the mainstream, investors continue to seek ways to access the cryptocurrency market. ErisX, a derivatives exchange and clearing organization, has announced that they will provide investors access to trade cryptocurrency spot and futures contracts on one platform and TD Ameritrade has made a strategic investment to advance its innovation goals and develop crypto-currency products for investors. ErisX’s goal is to help make digital currency trading even more accessible.

The recent announcement is only the starting point, bringing together a group of market participants as it develops cryptocurrency trading products. Our goal is to develop products that fulfill the needs of our clients more broadly.

Currently there is not a cryptocurrency offering for TD Ameritrade clients. Any future offering will be dependent on when ErisX completes its product development and obtains regulatory approval. Since last December, though, we’ve enabled a subset of experienced futures traders access to bitcoin futures products offered on the Cboe Futures Exchange. Investors interested in cryptocurrency trading at TD Ameritrade can email crypto@tdameritrade.com for updates.

Why Cryptocurrency Trading Now? Digital Assets Today

The short answer? Cryptocurrency trading, and more broadly, blockchain aligns with our roots and leadership in fintech.

When bitcoin entered the scene a few years back, it was seen by many as a neat little experiment that may or may not pan out. And while some were arguing the merits of a decentralized currency, others looked at blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin, as the future.

Blockchain is essentially a digitally-distributed ledger that keeps a record of all financial transactions within it. As bitcoin moved from niche to mainstream, blockchain moved from supporting actor to a starring role, in fintech and across industries.

Will blockchain and cryptocurrencies live up to the recent hype? No one can see the future, but it’s clear that firms have been paying particular interest, and often investing heavily, in digital assets. It started with the financial sector. At its core, blockchain is a payment and settlement mechanism, so naturally banks, exchanges, and other financial participants took the early lead in terms of practical uses. A 2018 study by capital markets consulting group Greenwich Associates, for example, estimates that total annual budgets for blockchain initiatives among capital markets and banking are about $1.7 billion. Study participants, which came from within the financial industry, identified several practical uses, including “streamlining operations, shortening settlement time, and reducing risk and cost of capital.”

Other use cases include real estate transactions (and anything involving contracts), intellectual property protection, data management, regulation, governance and more. As these technologies develop, new cryptocurrencies have been created to support them.

ErisX aims to offer a stable, regulated and transparent exchange for cryptocurrency spot and futures products. With its strategic investment, TD Ameritrade aims to make digital currency products more accessible to retail clients.

Eyeing Digital Future: TD Ameritrade's Strategic Investment in Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

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