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How to Trade S&P 500 Futures: A Quick Walk-Through for Investors

Key Takeaways E-mini S&P 500 index futures (as well as the smaller Micro E-mini S&P futures) closely track the U.S. equity benchmark Learn how to use e-mini futures to hedge against market turbulence and gain other benefits Understand how equity index-based futures contracts differ from traditional stocks in other key ways Scan the lineup of […]

Options Trading Guide: What Are Call & Put Options?

Key Takeaways Understand the difference between calls and puts Learn the rights and obligations of buying and selling call and put options Understand the risk and reward profiles of long and short call and put options positions Options give traders, well, options. But options aren’t just for traders; qualified investors can trade options too. Investors […]

Market Powers Past Rate Increase, Powell’s Statement that Hikes Aren’t Over Yet

Key Takeaways Stocks briefly wobble, then rally after Fed raises rates 25 basis points, keeps language hawkish Fed acknowledges inflation fight progress but still calls prices ‘elevated’ 8th Fed rate hike in a row, but no sign of a pause ahead in March Shawn Cruz, Head Trading Strategist, TD Ameritrade (Wednesday Post-Fed) The Federal Reserve is taking […]