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Learn How to Place Trades and Check Orders on

Do you know all the ways to place a trade and check an order status on Thanks to the Trade tab, SnapTicket® tool, and the easy-to-use features that work in concert with them, you’re never more than a click (or a tap) away from placing an order or reviewing order status. Here’s what you need […]

Learning About Learning Costs: Making Sense of Education Expense Tax Deductions and Credits

Key Takeaways There are several potential tax benefits for education expenses—some in the form of credits and others as deductions Recent tax law changes made 529 plans more flexible Review your situation to see which tax benefits work for you With all that’s been going on in the world, it’s hard to keep up with […]

How Tick Sizes and Values Vary in Index Futures

Key Takeaways Futures contracts have a minimum price fluctuation, or tick, established by an exchange For equity index futures, tick sizes, or tick values, are different than they are for individual stocks Understanding tick sizes is critical for tracking how much a futures position gains or loses each day Like a scorecard at a baseball […]