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In Changing Times, Does Investing in a 529 Plan for College Still Make Sense?

Key Takeaways The average annual tuition at a private four-year college is more than $32,000 529 college funds can help supplement costs Any family member can use a 529 plan—even the parent Among the many things COVID-19 changed is how we view post-secondary education. Many parents and students now ask if the traditional college experience […]

Trading Oil Futures: Basics on the Most Global Commodity of All

Key Takeaways Crude oil boasts the world’s most actively traded commodity futures, with prices driven by geopolitics, weather, and other factors Traders might use oil futures to hedge a portfolio or capitalize on short-term moves in crude prices Crude oil futures are different from energy stocks, and traders should understand market fundamentals and risks Crude […]

Amazon & Tesla Stock Split Announcements. What Happens to My Options?

Key Takeaways Amazon (AMZN) announced a 20-for-1 stock split effective June 6, 2022 Tesla (TSLA) announced that it’s seeking permission for a stock split When companies split shares, valuations and obligations should remain intact So, you traded stocks awhile, got comfortable with the ebb and flow and decided to add options to your lineup. You […]