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Get Ready for the Return of Student Loans

Are you ready? After a series of pandemic-related suspensions, thwarted forgiveness attempts, and court challenges, federal student loan payments are coming back. As things stand, interest will start accumulating on federal student loan balances from Sept. 1, and the first payments are due in October. (Check with your loan servicer about the actual start date.) […]

Calculate Stock Dividend and ETF Fluctuations with the Income Estimator Tool

Key Takeaways Explore using dividend stocks and ETFs as a potential source of income Crunch the numbers with the Dividend Income Estimator, a tool designed to help you evaluate different dividend stocks and ETFs Create a watchlist to help you monitor and track the performance of your investments Have you ever wondered how modifying your […]

Trading Futures in an IRA? Get Oriented to the Retirement Future

Key Takeaways Trading futures in an individual retirement account (IRA) is possible if you qualify Including futures in an IRA can help diversify a portfolio and provide an inflation hedge, but know the limitations and risks Understand the tax benefits of trading futures in a retirement account Diversification can be a good thing, especially in […]