Financial New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Financial New Year's Resolutions for 2017

Every year after the presents have been opened, the out-of-town family members have left, and the holiday egg nog has been served (or over-served in some cases), we are given the opportunity to pause and think back on the year past and look forward to welcoming in a new year with fresh beginnings. And with the turning of the calendar comes the list of resolutions for what we really will do differently this year. After all, this is the year, right?

So what are the folks at TD Ameritrade thinking about for 2017? What financially-focused goals are they committing themselves to this year? We have asked and they have answered. Here’s what they said:

Patrick Smith, Trader Marketing & Marketing Education Senior Manager
My two biggest financial resolutions for the year are reducing debt (credit card and student loans) and saving more money for my own savings and 401(k).

Melissa Witbeck, Guidance Sales Manager
Find a charity to set up charitable contributions to on a regular basis.

Becky Niiya, Corporate Communications Senior Manager
My financial focus for 2017 is preparing a comprehensive estate plan. It’s a time-consuming process, but it will give my husband and I peace of mind that our sons can be supported and cared for according to our wishes.

Dara Luber, Retirement Product, Retirement Annuities and Cash Senior Manager
I’m not one to make big New Year’s resolutions. I know I won’t keep them. Instead, throughout the year, I make small measurable goals and aim to achieve them. When I do, I reward myself. For example, while I know many have a goal of getting healthy in the new year, I wouldn’t set a goal of running a marathon if I haven’t ever run before. Instead, I will make a goal of going to the gym three days a week to start. If I keep that up for a month or two, I might reward myself with new sneakers or some workout clothes. The same for money. I don’t set a goal of fully funding my retirement or savings accounts. Instead, I make it a goal to save a small amount every month. This year our reward for saving a little each month will be a family trip to Disney. 

My philosophy is that every little bit helps. Whether it’s taking a few steps toward getting healthy or saving for the future—take the small steps and they will add up to big ones.

Devin Ekberg, Content Manager & Writer for our education affiliate Investools®
Investing in 2016 was super easy. You just had to get China, interest rates, BREXIT, and the U.S. presidential election all wrong and then guess that the opposite of what you expected would happen. My resolution in 2017 is just to plug my ears this time.

Danielle Erickson, Tax Systems Manager
For 2017, I am going on a money-diet. I suppose most people would create a budget, but I find that word to be intimidating! I typically don’t plan out what big-ticket items I will be purchasing in advance and would like more time to do diligent research.

North VanHooser, Futures Margin Risk Senior Specialist
My New Year’s resolution will be to create a schedule to review my retirement accounts on a more regular basis; this will include talking with my advisor/financial consultant to make sure I’m on the right track. Being more aware of my retirement finances. Have I contributed enough? Have I taken advantage of the available tax deductions? Should I reallocate the portfolio? All questions self-directed individuals should ask themselves on a more frequent basis.

Kim Hillyer, Corporate Communications Director
My resolution is to engage my growing children (10, 6 and 2) in family discussions about our annual charitable donations. Education, awareness and citizenship—you can’t start teaching it soon enough.

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