Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Are you looking for the most profitable crypto-currency trading/mining service on the internet? These companies are legitimately operating in this niche, and have proved that they can generate substantial profits to those who invest with them.

Note: You can sign up with any cloud mining service on this list.

Most Profitable Mining Service: IQ Mining!

Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Our Rating Name of Company Status Choose Pool Cost of Cheapest Plan
Name of Company Status Choose Pool Cost of Cheapest Plan

Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Paying Yes $10

Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Paying Yes From $10.80

Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Paying Yes EUR 500

Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Paying Yes N/A

Important things to take note of

Every new industry has to attract scam elements, and the Cryptocurrency industry is not an exception.

As we speak, there are different categories of scams in this industry. The inexperienced investor isn’t safe at all if they decide to venture on Cryptocurrency cloud mining without first seeking advice.

The scams range from phony coins (Tokens or ICOs that go nowhere) to mining rigs and contracts that will never make you any money.

In short, there is a plethora of ways to steal your money on the internet.

And as with any industry, scammers have to stay on top of the game. That’s why it’s very difficult to recognise what is a scam and what is not a scam.

So here at, we conduct a thorough analysis of any company that claims to offer Cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts to their users.

If we have any reason to suspect that the company in question isn’t meeting our criteria, it won’t appear on the list above.

The same applies to mining farms and equipment. Most of these companies claim that they either own or rent mining hardware so as to facilitate their cloud mining operations.

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When we learn that a Cryptocurrency cloud mining company is supposedly owning mining rigs at a physical place somewhere in the planet, our job is to investigate and ascertain whether or not that company owns mining rigs as claimed on their site.

In fact, this is quite easy to find out. We use a combination of tactics and tools to help us achieve this goal. And most of the time, we have found that these companies don’t even have mining rigs as claimed on their sites.

We’ve often discovered that the phony ones have nothing other than a website where they run their ponzi scheme operations from.

The same applies to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency cloud mining companies claiming that they rent mining hardware for the sake of their investors.

The phony ones simply do nothing to multiply their investors’ money. They don’t want to keep collecting money from members of the public and spending it to building or rent mining rigs. This is typical of websites that are here for a short term.

Also, the phony ones have a dubious track record. They often get bashed on social media and Cryptocurrency forums where victims claim that they invested and when they requested for a payout, the company in question simply ignored their request.

Others have also processed payouts successfully but for a limited period of time. Once the owner of the company realized that they could no longer afford to pay out members, they resorted to outright thievery where they accepted new deposits and ensured that no payout left their bank accounts.

Why you are at a high risk if you ignore our advice on this

In early 2014, individuals who wanted to mine Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency bought mining hardware and assembled them at home for their use.

Over time, it proved to be costly to mine Cryptocurrency at home. The cost of electricity and other shortcomings like excessive noise, overheating and hardware maintenance proved to be a challenge.

What happened next? Cloud mining companies came into the picture. These companies started promising individuals that they will eliminate the hustle and only request that you pay them a small fee to sustain their mining operations.

While companies like Genesis mining are some of the most notable pioneers in the industry, most of the companies that joined afterwards turned out to be scams.

Today, there are still very few legitimate Cryptocurrency cloud mining companies that own mining rigs. There are a few companies that actually pay their members.

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What you can see on the list above is a collection of companies that have met our criteria and proved several times that they make payouts as a result of conducting mining operations.

#1. IQ Mining (Most Profitable Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service)

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This Seychelles-based cloud mining company offers affordable cloud mining for all altcoins before trading them into Bitcoin and back to your wallet for profit.

Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Payouts are issued on the same day at the end of every mining cycle.


There are a number of advantages as to why investors should mine with IQ Mining. One of them is that the company has since adapted bitcoin mining 2.0 technology which generates more Gh/s using less energy. This automatically converts to less cost of electricity and high mining efficiency.

The automated altcoins mining switch technology will always work to your advantage as this setup aims to produce 3 times more power for a very low cost.

IQ mining has put in place a number of deposit and cashing out methods which should be very convenient for the investor. We advice you to try IQ Mining and see how it works. You’ll be surprised!

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#2.  Bitech Cloud Mining (Now Sesterce Mining – Simple, Intuitive Platform and Most  Recommended)

Based in Marseille, South of Franc, Bitech (Sesterce)  Cloud Mining prides itself in working as a team of professional Crypto currency enthusiasts who are serious about generating Crypto currencies for their investors. They offer a variety of investment plans including contracts that can be personalized according to the specific needs of a customer. Even though we stated in the table above that you can get started with them for as a little as $10.80, they also have a customized plan where the team at Bitech (Sesterce) Cloud Mining can start mining for you at whatever price you are willing to pay. You definitely need to try them out and see whether they are a good fit for your investments needs. But we are definitely confident that these guys deliver.

#3. YieldNodes

YieldNodes is opening the Crypto world to new heights. Imagine having nodes that create profit even in turbulent times? Yield Nodes is doing exactly that thanks to a complex Multi-tiered node rental program. With its own listed Cryptocoin and decentralized exchange, YieldNodes is 100 percent safe. The program comes with a reasonable minimum deposit of EUR 500. Contract duration is four months and can be cancelled at any time. And this gives users the freedom to experience the full node rental program.

What is Master-Noding?

For those who are not familiar with master-noding, it is an alternative way of earning revenue. Revenue is generated by providing technology or master nodes that rely on proof-of-stake approach. A master node is a server within a network that processes and stores transactions in blockchain. Don’t confuse master-noding with mining. YieldNodes operates these nodes appropriately while optimizing complex strategies to earn profit.

Funding the Program

YieldNodes is accepting Bank transfer, Credit, and debit cards. The program prefers Bitcoin deposits but is able to accept EUR and USD currency. There are over 1,000 master nodes in operation with projected revenue of 10.3 percent every month. The average monthly yield for the last three months has been 10.1 percent. A projected profit of 5 to 15 percent is paid out every month to members. The program has added a twist to make things interesting.

If the yield drops below 5 percent for three months consecutively, members get compensated. The rental payment gets returned along any accrued profits. And this is why YieldNodes is the best master-node rental program in the business. Why wait when you can start making substantial revenue with this program?

Sign up Process

The sign up process is easy and has no hassle. Members get to fill in their names, email, and phone address. The last step is to determine how much they will deposit before renting the nodes. Yield Nodes is one of the best rental node programs in the Crypto world.

#4.  Genesis mining

When people talk of Cryptocurrency mining in the cloud, what comes to mind is Genesis Mining. This shows that Genesis Mining has managed to build a reputation around its name, hence the high trust level that the public has bestowed on it.

With Genesis mining, there are lots of things currently going on. Mining farms are spread across multiple locations in the world to enhance security. In addition to this, Genesis mining offers custom plans for investors with special needs.

But what makes them the best option out there is that they have an auto-trader too. That means you can trade Cryptocurrency on their platform, just the same way you trade Forex and stocks on a broker’s platform on automation.

Genesis mining was founded back in 2013, and is one of the longest serving Cryptocurrency cloud mining service on the internet.

It was started by a group of people who were trading Cryptos on the platform. As the team become more successful, they decided to incorporate it in Hong Kong.

Those in charge of this company have a strong quantitative background.

The current CEO of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng current, is an early adopter of Bitcoin. He is also a mathematician

The founders of Genesis mining have been featuring on major Blockchain technology conferences around the world.

The site is professionally designed. Visitors can easily navigate their way around using interactive video guides that explain everything about the company.

Their data centers are located in Europe, America and Asia, and are designed to reach the most efficient mining capacities.

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Our best advice for you

Sign up with any one of the Cryptocurrency cloud mining services above because all of these companies are legitimate.

Of course you shouldn’t expect to be millionaire overnight. Your profits depend with how much you’re willing to invest and many other factors too.

So if you can do your part, the rest shall fall in place because your investments are in the hands of legitimate companies that actually mine altcoins.

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