New from TD Ameritrade: Real-Time Tax Document Alerts

New from TD Ameritrade: Real-Time Tax Document Alerts

Key Takeaways

    Request alerts from TD Ameritrade when tax documents are available and ready to view

    Even if you’re not going to be receiving a 1099, you can get an alert telling you that

    Get alerts when corrected tax documents are available 

Text messages. Push notifications. Big deal, right?

Actually, yes—if we’re talking about tax document alerts from TD Ameritrade. Starting this tax year, TD Ameritrade clients can sign up for alerts via text and push notification when their tax documents are ready to view.

If you’re not going to be receiving a 1099 document, you can get an alert for that as well. If you happen to require a corrected tax document at some point, you can get another alert when it’s available.

Make taxes a little less taxing.

The key to filing taxes is being prepared. TD Ameritrade provides information and resources to help you navigate tax season.

Am I Getting a 1099?

“Am I getting a 1099 from TD Ameritrade, and if so, when?” In January of each year, this is perhaps the top question that comes in through our call centers and for good reason. Tax rates, forms, and filing requirements sometimes change from year to year. Savvy traders and investors typically want to wrap up the previous tax year as soon as possible so they can move on to the current one. Plus, some tax strategies, such as making an IRA contribution for the previous tax year, might depend on knowing your current tax status as soon as possible.

To add to the confusion regarding tax documents, there isn’t necessarily a set date when they’re ready. First, to shatter a myth, brokers do not need to make 1099s available by the end of January. Starting with the 2008 tax year, the IRS decided brokers have until February 15 to postmark 1099s. But often forms are ready earlier, and TD Ameritrade provides them before that date. That’s where tax alerts come in—sign up and you’ll get a text as soon as your document is available.

New from TD Ameritrade: Real-Time Tax Document Alerts

FIGURE 1: SETTING UP TAX ALERTS. Go to Client Services > Account Documents > Edit. For illustrative purposes only.

How to Sign Up

Want to receive tax document alerts via text message? Log in to your account, and under the Client Services tab, select My Profile > Communication Preferences. Under Document delivery preferences, scroll down to Tax alerts, and select the appropriate mobile number. Want to add or change a phone number? Go to My Profile > Personal Information > Edit (see figure 1).

Want to receive your tax document info as push notifications? If you have the TD Ameritrade mobile app, and you have push notifications turned on, you’ll receive these alerts automatically. 

Market Alerts Aren’t New, But Account Alerts Are

For years, clients have been able to set up automated alerts from trading apps and platforms regarding market activity. Did you just get filled on a limit order you were working in the thinkorswim® platform? Depending on your communication preferences, you might have just received an email, text message, or push notification. The same goes for support messages, broadcast messages, and any alert triggers you may have set up.

However, account alerts (such as the tax alerts shown in figure 2 below) are something new. Clients have been asking for more account-level transparency and real-time account communications, and we’re delivering. In fact, the tax document alert is the first of several such communication capabilities coming soon. For example, clients will soon be able to receive alerts on automated clearing house (ACH) deposits and when such funds are made available in your account.

Want more? Stay tuned.   

New from TD Ameritrade: Real-Time Tax Document Alerts

FIGURE 2: SAMPLE TEXTS. Automated text messages help ensure you know the status of your tax documents. For illustrative purposes only. 

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