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Polynomial Regression Channel

This indicator will automatically curve-fit a polynomial regression channel. The user may select any polynomial factor between 1 (a straight line) and 6 (a complex curve).

I just wanted you to know how THRILLED I am with the Polynomial Channel! The channel as you’ve designed it is highly predictive. I can’t thank you enough for coding this, Robert! It’s the most valuable indicator yet!


Robert’s Regressions

 The finest polynomial regression channel available for ThinkorSwim



Hi, Robert ….

I was wondering if you might want to attempt coding a Polynomial Regression Channel for Thinkorswim. I’m a huge believer in channel trading, but there has been nothing adequate coded for TOS to date. There are some poorly coded pseudo-channels on the net, but they are copies of each other and they have the same flaws.

This was a fun, although very challenging, project. I needed to study up on linear algebra so that I could understand the math involved. Then, because ThinkScript does not support arrays, matrices, or easily storing data for future reference, I had to devise creative work-arounds to handle the advanced algorithms required by this indicator.