Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

There are dozens of lists on the internet purporting to highlight the Top rated Forex brokers on the internet.

However, not all of the Forex brokers you find in those lists are actually top rated Forex brokers.

Some brokers have been blamed for high spreads, yet you still find them in the list of top rated Forex brokers published in other review sites.

It’s sickening to realize that most reviewers have downgraded their standards for qualifying FX brokers into the ultimate list of top rated brokers.

That’s the reason you find every Tom Dick and Harry featuring in those lists, even if they don’t have basic requirements like 4-5 star customer service.

These are the same Forex brokers who simply make it difficult for clients to trade profitably because they are market makers.

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And the worst thing is that some Forex brokers are pure scams. Once you fund your account with them, there is no withdrawing funds whatsoever.

Any attempt to do so will be thwarted with silly terms and conditions which are clearly oppressive on the side of the client and favorable on the side of the broker.

In other words, these brokers are never to be trusted because they always have issues with clients and these problems are never attended to, hence they don’t even deserve to appear in any list of recommended Forex brokers.

Again, other scam brokers have been accused of high-handedness and unprofessional conduct.

We’ve seen them appearing on top of this list in reviews that are not very considerate with regards to their readers affairs.

Unfortunately, these Forex brokers make up a bulk of what we have on the internet as ”top rated Forex brokers”.

The good news is that we have already cut the rat race for you by taking our time to publish you the ultimate list of our recommended forex brokers that are not scams. Our list is influenced by a number of qualities that were analyzed before publishing.

So if you don’t have time to do your own research because you want to trade straight away, you can use the following Forex brokers instead.

These top forex brokers were hand-picked by us after conducting careful research and scrutinizing every product and services offered by them.

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In addition to this, we also looked at various customer reviews before awarding a rating appropriately.

Top Rated and Efficient Forex Brokers (Best for Beginners)

Broker Min Deposit Regulation Bonus
Broker Min Deposit Regulation Bonus

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$2,500 Yes N/A

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$10 CySEC N/A

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$200 FSA 25%

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$5 FCA, IFSC, CySEC $30 no deposit bonus

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$250 FSA Up to $5000

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$1 CySEC N/A

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

$200 ASIC, FCA $10

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

Any amount IFSC 50-101% of your deposit

#1. World Markets Top Rated AI Managed Account Broker

World Markets is another authentic broker with AI managed account on offer. The platform has proven pundits wrong thanks to its accurate trading signals. With computer algorithm signals, traders get near perfect accurate signals. World Markets is for the investor who is looking for an advanced technological trading platform. The platform offers users a one of a kind trading experience with no exception.

Experts and professionals alike hail World Markets as a genuine and transparent broker. With a solid trading reputation, World Markets is proving to be a must have for serious traders. Your account is managed by a team of financial analysts and software engineers. You won’t have to search for market insights, the bot does it automatically. MQL Copy Trading platform is available on all devices. World Markets is compatible with tablets and most smartphones.

Advantages of World Markets

Withdrawals are made monthly from the time of deposit making it convenient. Safety of funds is guaranteed thanks to cutting-edge account trading software available. The software has proven to mitigate losses as much as possible making it one of a kind. Risk management protocols are in play which helps calculate risks of each trades.

What are you waiting for, sign up with this amazing AI trading broker today.

#2. IQ Option (Most Recommended and Number one choice for beginners)

IQ Option offers Forex trading with the most sophisticated and yet easy-to-use trading tools we’ve ever seen in the industry. They revolutionized the industry by being the first broker to let investors trade with a $10 minimum deposit and $1 contracts.

That’s one reason why IQ Option became popular back then. However, they’ve worked hard to attract and retain their customers too.

For instance, they’ve introduced new and exciting features on their platform while keeping old and loved features intact. Their platform currently runs IQ Option 4.0, the first of its kind to run on the coveted WebGL technology which allows opening and managing of up to 9 charts simultaneously. But that is not all.

To retain traders on their platform, a demo account is freely provided from where you can horn your skills before going live.

Since IQ Options is CySec regulated and compliant with their regulations, they dropped deposit-matching bonus on 14th December. Regulators considered this feature a high risk for most traders, hence IQ Options had to comply.

They are also crystal clear on how they hedge positions. If you’re the type of trader who fears that an ”over the counter” broker will steal from you, then this broker just re-assured you that they are going to manage your risk effectively.

In terms of trading platform, we can say that IQ Options opted to design their own bespoke trading facility which is unique to the brand.

This platform was re-designed and improved to version 4.0 in 2016. Because of this, most options traders who are used to regular trading platforms will find it advanced yet intuitive and reach with features that can never be found on standard broker platforms.

The platform can either be downloaded or used on the internet without the need to install it on your device. A wide range of charts are also offered. These include line, candlestick, Area and Bar charts respectively.

In terms of reputation, this broker has its brand completely covered with no stain or history of mistreating or misguiding their traders. Most industry blogs have admitted that IQ Options is way ahead of the industry, and are generally more than decent when it comes to handling their customers’ needs.

If you sign up now, you will enjoy the following features:

    Safe trading since they are regulatedAll-in-one trading facility where you can trade Forex, Binary and Cryptocurrency assetsMinimum deposit of $10 with highest payout of 90% per tradeSmooth, intuitive trading platform backed by cutting-edge technology which is constantly being improvedDirect access to Crypto-currency markets

That’s definitely a broker you want to do business with. Due to high public demand, we have been asked to provide a link for signing up. Click it, make a deposit and start trading.

#3. AMarkets:

AMarkets is one of the best and widely used Forex broker the market has to offer. Without a doubt, this is one of the most transparent and professional brokers the market has to offer. With years of experience, this brokerage firm has been in existence since 2007. Thanks to their level of professionalism, they have been rated the best Forex broker in 2019.

This broker offers regular bonuses and commissions making it an attractive option for all. Members also enjoy leverage of up to 1:1000 not forgetting instant withdrawals. It offers over 50 pairs of currency with 147 CFD. There are three different accounts to choose from making it an all-inclusive Forex broker. And yes, it comes highly regulated by all regulatory bodies.

It has two different trading platforms which are considered to be the best in the industry. With A-Markets, you will get MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. This means that users get fast executions when trading and can use any device, desktop or mobile. Various payment methods are also available for customers to choose from. Visa, WebMoney, Neteller, are among the payments methods to choose from. Simply put, it has the best service and is ranked 5 stars by most clients.

#4. XM:

XM broker takes pride in offering over 300 investment instruments which range from currency pairs, to commodity, indices, metal and so on.

XM broker is also one of the most generous top rated Forex brokers in terms of bonuses since clients can access up to $5000 in pure bonus money.

The broker has been offering a unique leverage of 888:1 which can be adjusted accordingly to suit your needs.

XM Forex broker has 3 different types of accounts which traders can choose depending on their needs.

These include Micro, Standard and XM Zero accounts. Of course these accounts have various features which may inform your decision when choosing one account as opposed to the other.

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

XM broker’s homepage

To get a clear picture of what this broker is offering, read our comprehensive review of this broker here. You will understand why XM made it into our list of top rated Forex brokers.

#5. Exness: most affordable among the top forex brokers

Exness Forex broker is well-regulated and considerate of its clients needs.

Although Exness doesn’t have a bonus or promotion that can entice clients presently, they still have good trading conditions and account types for their clients.

You can see that the minimum amount of deposit needed to experience what Exness is offering is $1, which is more than affordable to anyone wanting to try out their service.

They have 4 different types of accounts in total which we believe will suit your needs appropriately.

This broker does not charge commissions like other top rated Forex brokers do. Read more about them here.

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

Exness Forex broker

#6. FXOpen: most innovative among the best forex brokers with bitcoin investment option

When we did a review on this broker, we were quite pleased to find out that they were offering crypto-currency trading as well.

FXOpen is among the few forex brokers on the internet offering trading opportunities to those who would like to take advantage of the volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

However, this Forex broker is also providing other regular Forex products and services.

Trading currency pairs, commodities and indices is also possible through the various account options offered at FXOpen.

We love their ECN account type which guarantees clients a no-dealing desk trading experience at the best ask bid prices.

Minimum investment is also pocket-friendly meaning that all traders can afford what FXOpen is offering on their platform.

Also, being that FXOpen is well-regulated by two governing bodies, it’s safe to conclude that this is one of the safest brokers to trade with on the internet, which is why they easily made it into our list of top rated Forex brokers on the web.

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)

FXOpen top rated Forex broker

#7. Alpari: top rated forex broker for ECN traders

Alpari handles a very huge trading volume on a monthly basis — which is one of the qualities of top rated Forex brokers.

They are also well-regulated and keen on listening to their customers’ needs.

Their ECN account type only requires a minimum deposit of $200 which is very affordable so to speak.

On the other hand, their standard account does not have any minimum deposit requirement.

This Forex broker is also keen on spreads. During normal market conditions, Alpari keeps its spreads at less than 1 pip.

However, spreads also tend to vary based on market conditions. But generally, they keep their spreads low to attract new traders and keep existing ones.

What makes Alpari a unique Forex broker is that they’ve invested in educational material for their members. It’s clear that this company is striving to improve its position on our list of top rated Forex brokers.

With all the competition out there, only the innovative ones make it on the list of top rated Forex brokers.

You as a client of Alpari will enjoy more in terms of educational material which you will have access to. It cannot be said any better than this.

Top Rated Forex Brokers Recommended by Experts (Best Brokers for Beginners)



A note on these top forex brokers

This list o will keep growing as we discover more genuine and reliable brokers who deserve here.

We don’t want to restrict you to just a handful of forex brokers because we believe there are many honest brokers out there.

It’s only a matter of time before we add them here. If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the brokers, kindly drop a comment below.

Traders can also use proven alternatives such as Crypto currency trading robots. Genuine and transparent Crypto currency trading robots is what you need to succeed. Make sure to trade with authentic and dedicated Crypto currency trading robots. What are you waiting for? Sign up with one today.

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