New Look: TD Ameritrade Platforms Provide Cleaner, Simpler Experience

New Look: TD Ameritrade Platforms Provide Cleaner, Simpler Experience

Key Takeaways

    TD Ameritrade releases a design refresh of website and mobile app

    Updates reflect commitment to modernize digital products to improve client experience

    Refresh simplifies the website header and TD Ameritrade mobile app

As the calendar turned from summer to autumn, you may have noticed some changes on the TD Ameritrade website and TD Ameritrade Mobile. Whether you invest from your desk or your phone, we’re trying to improve your experience by updating to a new, cleaner design for both the site and app.

These changes come as TD Ameritrade itself evolves. Just in the last two years, TD Ameritrade has welcomed a new CEO in Tim Hockey, integrated Scottrade customers into our family, and launched the TD Ameritrade Network, our media affiliate. As part of this evolution, we are aligning the look and feel across the various platforms we offer. These are early steps in a long initiative to modernize our digital products with the goal of improving your experience as a TD Ameritrade client.

Let’s look specifically at a few of the visual changes you’re already seeing on our website and mobile app so we can explain why we made them and how they can improve your experience.

New Look: TD Ameritrade Platforms Provide Cleaner, Simpler Experience

FIGURE 1: BEFORE AND AFTER. The new features a refreshed header with updated color, type, and other visuals to make it easier to read, scan, and navigate. For illustrative purposes only.

Modern Look and Feel

The design changes affect the look and feel of our two most popular products: our website,, and TD Ameritrade Mobile. Further related changes will be coming throughout 2018 and into 2019. 

In August, you may have noticed a change to We refreshed the look of the site header by updating our use of color, type, and other visuals to make it easier to read, scan, and navigate (figure 1). Except for these few updates, you will find everything where you would expect it. 

New Look: TD Ameritrade Platforms Provide Cleaner, Simpler Experience

FIGURE 2: SAVED BY THE BELL. See the little bell up at the top? It will alert you to unread messages in the message center, meaning you’ll see right away when you log on if we’re trying to get in touch about anything important to do with your account. And if you need help from Ted, our virtual guide, don’t worry. He’s not gone; he’s just moved into the support tab. All our other support channels are also consolidated in this simple tab. Source: For illustrative purposes only. 

We added a new bell icon to alert you to unread messages from the Message Center (figure 2). We also consolidated Support options into a new menu including Ask Ted, Help Center, Contact Us, and Feedback. Combined with quick access to the My Profile menu, clients will have quick access to key features in a less cluttered design.

We’re excited about this update because it helps to align the look and feel of our products with one other. These updates are the first of many that are planned to improve your experience with any of the TD Ameritrade digital products. 

“We’re on a journey to improve our digital experience to give our clients the rich set of investing and trading tools that we’re known for while also making the experience as simple as possible,” says Scott Belous, managing director, digital client experience at TD Ameritrade.

“Sometimes clients have a need to quickly get information and then get on with their busy lives,” he continued. “At other times, they want to deeply engage with the experience to find and execute their next investment idea. These updates are a significant first step in the evolution of the experience. Stay tuned for more to come!”

Mobile Gets Refresh, Too

In September, we launched a similar visual refresh for our TD Ameritrade Mobile app, updating it with a clean and modern interface with new colors, icons, and headers (see figure 3). These changes do not impact the functionality or user experience of the app, so it will be a seamless transition for clients to the new visual design.

Stephen Mondeaux, senior manager, mobile platforms explains the changes: “We implemented the TD Ameritrade visual design system and the Apple-recommended design standards in the app. This gives clients a cleaner, easier-to-use app that looks more like other TD Ameritrade platforms and more like other iOS apps they commonly use.”

As a company, we ask ourselves “What are we doing well?” and “Where we can make improvements?” In trying to answer these questions, we come up with ways to help you, our clients, by improving any and every experience you might have with TD Ameritrade. This includes everything from your experience of walking into your local branch, to your ability to place a trade from your mobile device while walking on a sunny beach, to calling our support line with an urgent question.  

We hope the changes now and in the future help make the platforms at TD Ameritrade more pleasant to use and a better place to trade. As always, clients can provide feedback through our secure Message Center.

New Look: TD Ameritrade Platforms Provide Cleaner, Simpler Experience

FIGURE 3: MOBILE BEFORE AND AFTER. The TD Ameritrade Mobile app now features a cleaner interface to match that of the new website. Source: TD Ameritrade mobile app. For illustrative purposes only.

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