Harmonic Multi-Patterns with Scanner

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Harmonic Multi-Patterns with Scanner
You like trading.
I like making it easier.
I am pleased to announce the new—and very much improved—harmonic multi-pattern indicator with scanner.

The phrase “harmonic trading” and all related pattern names are trademarked by Scott M. Carney and are used with his permission. This indicator is based on information from his book Harmonic Trading: Volume 1. To learn more about harmonic patterns directly from the author, visit his website—

I strive to provide clean indicators that are easy to understand. The harmonic multi-pattern indicator does that by combining all detected patterns into one, efficient indicator. You will no longer have to add separate indicators for each pattern you wish to identify. This prevents the pattern overlap that often resulted in a cluttered, confusing chart.

Speaking of efficiency, the new algorithm completely eliminates the «too many iterations» error that some have encountered. This will be welcome news to those of you who like to watch the futures or FX market on the smaller intra-day charts.