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As the Name Implies: Your Guide to Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts

Key Takeaways A revocable trust can be changed later  Once an irrevocable trust is in place, it can’t be altered  A trust can help you control how your assets will be handled after you’ve passed on  One of the most popular strategies for passing assets from generation to generation is with the help of a […]

Have You Named Your Beneficiaries? It’s Easy, and Here’s Why You Should

Key Takeaways Control how your assets will be distributed Name primary and secondary beneficiaries for your retirement accounts Understand that beneficiary forms supersede heirs named in wills or trusts Review and update your designations after major life events If you were like many kids, your parents didn’t appreciate hearing excuses when you didn’t take out […]

Putting Off Your Estate Planning? These 5 Tips Can Help

Key Takeaways Follow an estate planning guide to help ensure you don’t forget any important parts of the planning process Consider these 5 tips to help you create an estate plan Access our estate planning checklist to help you in the planning of your (or a loved one’s) estate While every estate is different, it’s […]