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So You’re Starting a Small Business. What’s Your Plan?

Key Takeaways Starting a business begins with a well-researched business plan Each type of business structure has its own rules and potential tax implications Operational logistics include financials, marketing, and HR considerations, including setting up a retirement plan Small businesses are the little engines—numbering over 30 million in the United States—collectively powering a trillion dollar impact […]

Traders and Taxes: Special Tax Treatment for Special Situations

Key Takeaways Traders may face more complex tax issues than ordinary investors If you trade derivatives, get familiar with Section 1256 What to know about the “trader’s election” If you’re a trader, you take calculated and managed risks in an attempt to make money … or at least outperform your chosen benchmark. You might even […]

Charitable Donations Tax Deduction: 2022 Changes to Contributions

Key Takeaways Year-end charitable donations are critical for nonprofit organizations Many charities are seeing greater needs while receiving fewer donations  Recent legislation has changed how charitable donations may affect tax returns The holidays are a time for giving—a time to reflect on the year’s bounty. Many people use November to start planning their charitable donations. […]